The largest protest in North American history just happened.  More than 3 million people went out of doors to express sentiments to their politicians that they didn't feel were being voiced through the political process.

That's a common feeling.  As democracies get bigger the role of the individual seems to get lost in the crowd.  They say your vote is your voice, but the inverse can be true as well.  Politicians get countless votes, and they never know which votes want what policies, which vote was a vote for them and which is a vote against an opponent.

There's more to participatory democracy than simply standing in line one afternoon every 4 years, and then complaining about the outcome.  You can, of course, write your representative a letter.  And we can help.

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What does it cost?

As with all letters sent by Pigeons and Ink (P&I), we cover all the costs (stamps, stationary, ink-ribbon).  If you'd like to show your support or gratitutde you can always:

What if the typist disagrees with my politics?

Pigeons and Change encourages engagement from all aspects of the political and ideological spectrum. Our beliefs will not enter into your engagement with your political process. 

All P&I letters are held to a common decency standard, meaning if we believe your content may be offensive either to the typist or the recipient you may be asked to revise.

Will other people be reading my letter?

Only if you want them to.  P&I does not share the content of letters written through this website.  However, should you decide that you'd like your sentiment to reach people beyond the politician and their staff you can choose to have a photograph of your letter added to the Pigeons and Change Gallery, and be shared on our social media.

Can I see some examples?


How do I figure out my representatives mailing address?

No problem.  We can do that for you.  Just enter your Postal Code (Zip Code for US) and select if you want to send to your local, provincial/state, or federal representative.  And we'll pick their mailing address off the appropriate government site.  Easy peasey lemon squeezy.