Like a lot of ideas, both good and bad, Pigeons and Ink started as, and basically remains, a guy with a typewriter. This website is here to make it easy for you to send a typed letter from your smartphone or computer to anyone's physical mailbox.  Just enter the message you want and the address you want it sent to.  Your message gets typed onto real paper, put it into a real envelope with the address of your choice, stamped and put in the mailbox. 

Infrequently asked questions

Can I write anything? - P+I applies a common sense, common decency filter to your message.  If it is in danger of causing offence to the typist or the recipient you may be asked to alter your content.

Is there a maximum number of words? - If you can't say it in one page you haven't thought about it long enough.

Can I send anonymous letters? - Sure. Leave the 'From' address blank and your letter will arrive anonymously.

How soon is it sent - We guarantee to have your words on paper and in the control of a Canada Post within 24 hours.

Can I choose the stamp? - No. That is one of the best parts of this job.  Sorry.

Are all international destinations accepted? - Yep, an international stamp is the same no matter what the destination.  Just make sure you enter the address properly.

Will the letter or envelope have on it?  No.  Because it's not a letter from us, it's a letter from you.

Who should I send a letter to?  Anyone.  Everyone.  And most of all your Grandma.